Well....the book you have been waiting for is finally done....

I have taken the time to document and record every step of the process in coming back from the worst knee injury on record....

Now, you can use this knowledge to super-charge your recovery from your patellar tendon rupture or other serious knee injury

It seems like it was only yesterday when I dropped to the basketball court with a pain that I couldn’t imagine existed…

I went from being totally confused of which direction to head and where my recovery would begin to becoming a student and master of knee injuries, most notably Patellar Tendon Ruptures.
Within this manual, you will find:

  • How to mentally prepare for pre and post surgery
  • How nutrition can help or hurt your recovery
  • What exercises are most effective for getting back in record time
  • Things your doctor won’t or hasn’t told you about your injury


It was my mission to turn this catastrophic injury into a tool to help YOU!  I have had professional athletes contact me regarding my recovery program because it was so unbelievably fast.  With this exclusive manual, you will be able to:

  • recover months ahead of schedule
  • eliminate the fear of ‘not knowing’ what to expect
  • have a mentor and resource to turn to when times get tough
  • have complete confidence that your recovery will be ‘built on a solid foundation’ not sand


“Kyle, the Manual was really good.  Not only from a practical standpoint, i.e. what exercises to focus on, but also I found it really therapeutic to read. Knowing the emotional roller coaster I am riding is normal, that’s its ok and to be expected has been really good for me.  Knowing that if I keep a positive attitude and work my ass off to get back I will, makes a huge difference!  Thanks again for sharing your experience and expertise.  You have filled an informational void for those of us out there dealing with this difficult injury…”
Brian from Missouri


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